Morning from Australia

Kendria’s Mom Cricket here filling in for Kendria at Weavers Sports Desk.

In the office today for Cleveland is Josh Tomlin with J.A Happ in the office for the Blue Jays

Those not able to see today the game today the Tribe are wearing navy jerseys with white pants and red t-shirts, Blue Jays back in the dirty grays with blue jerseys

*Bottom of 2nd — Carlos Santana with a solo Yard shot for a 1 to 0 Indians lead.

*Top of 3rd — The Jays open the pond with a single, Jays batter with a double brings home the run and a tie score at 1 all.

*Bottom of 3rd — Rajai Davis with a lead off walk, safe at 2nd on the steal, wild pitch gets Rajai to 3rd, Francisco Lindor with a single gets Rajai home for a 2 to 1 Tribe lead.

*Bottom of 5th and Lonnie Chisenhall on with a single, Lonnie out on the force but Rajai safe, pick off throw gets away from 1st baseman and Rajai is safe at 2nd.

Bryan Shaw caught the keys from Josh as he headed to the showers.

*Top of 7th and Andrew Miller in the office.

*Top of 9th — Andrew has turned off the office lights with that strike out (1 out), Andrew just shut the office door and put the key in (2 outs) Rajai just helped Andrew lock the door (3 outs)

**Final Score

Cleveland — 2 and Blue Jays — 1

Pack your travel bag it’s a travel day tomorrow as the series moves to Toronto for games 3 through 5.

Kendria will be back at the desk when the series continues.