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I’m Cricket Fox, filling in for Kendria today

In the office for the Tribe is Corey Kluber with  in the Cubs office Kyle Hendricks

The 9th World Series game played in November

For those who can’t see the game tonight the Tribe are wearing  white pants with navy jerseys, Cubs wearing dirty grey pants with blue jerseys.

*Top of 1st and Corey gives up a Yard and it is 1 to 0 Cubs.

*Bottom of 1st and Francisco Lindor is safe at 1st thanks to a bad throw.

*Bottom of 2 and an infield single for Jose Ramirez to open the pond, Ramirez got his stupid butt picked off. Lonnie Chisenhall with a single to left

*Top of 3rd, it’s bout damn time Lonnie, from the corner picks off the base runner, **Bottom of the inning opens with Coco Crisp with a lead off double to open the pond, Roberto Perez with the perfect bunt to get Coco moved to 3rd, Carlos Santana with a single getting Coco home for a 1 all ball game. Call on the field was overturned, 2nd baseman never had control of the ball,(e – 4) Carlos is safe at 2nd , Jason Kipnis at 1st

*Top of 4 and Kluber hit Rizzo, Cubs runner safe sliding in under the tag and it is a 2 to 1 Cubs lead. RBI double and its a 3 to 1 Cubs lead.

*Top of 5th and Kluber gives up a Yard and its 4 to 1, it’s Miller time (Andrew on his way to the office) Cubs extend the lead to 5 to 1

*Bottom of 5th has Carlos walking to open the pond, a miss throw trying to get out Jason at 1st gets, Carlos to 3rd. Jason moves to 2nd (E –  on Ross) On a wild pitch off the mask of the Cubs Catcher 2 runs score for a 5 to 3 Cubs lead.

*Top of 6th – Ross with a solo shot for the Cubs for a 6 to 3 lead.

*Bottom of the 6th – Brandon Guyer with a 2 out single, Andrew Miller is off to the showers flipping the keys to Cody Allen, Strike out with a throw out double play to end the inning.

*Bottom of 7th  – Roberto Perez opens the pond with a walk, Tyler Naquin to pitch run,

*Bottom of 8th – Jose Ramirez on 1st with a single, Brandon Guyer with a double getting Jose home for a 6 to 4 Cubs lead, Rajai Davis with a monster homer for a 6 all game, Coco with a single,

*Top of 9th – and Cody gives up a lead off walk, Tribe get the force at 2nd but runner safe at first, 1 out  and Rain on the way. Bryan Shaw in the office, stolen base for the Cubs (E -2) The Tribe get the final out.

*BOTTOM OF 9TH – 3 up and out and we are on the way to the 10th

*10th Inning – Rain Delay 15 minute delay, Runners at 1st and 2nd with 1 out, single gets the run home for a 7 to 6 Cubs lead. Giving Addison Russell a free pass t the pond, another run and its 8 to 6 Cubs, Bryan is off to the showers with Trevor Bauer on the way to the office.

Bottom of 10th – Tribe need 2 to tie it up and 3 to win. Mike Napoli strikes out, Jose Ramirez with the second out, Brandon Guyer with a walk to keep things alive for the Tribe, Brandon to 2nd with no one looking, Rajai safe at 1st

That is the office locked up for the season.

Congrats to the Chicago Cubs on the win.


I just wanted to say a big THANKS” to Kendria for having me during the season.

See you in 2017