20160520_091808It has been an amazing year but its also been crap!

We have lost way too many famous people who had an influence on our lives and it is a real reality check when that happens.

I know Phil and I were totally stunned when Carrie Fisher passed, she has been apart of all of your lives in some way. From the jilted girlfriend in Blues Brothers to Princess Leia. Who knew 25 some years ago that a little movie called Star Wars would become a phenomenon, and a part of today’s culture. When word arrived that Debbie Reynolds has passed 24 hours later, it was devastating news. I , like many others wonder if she died of a broken heart.

There were some really great memories also that Phil and I have, lots of them involving the Adelaide Crows and the events of the season.  Can’t wait to see what is in store for 2017. There will be lots of Crows stuff for sure, plenty of White Sox baseball and a ton of NFL. With plenty of yarn thrown in the mix.

The writing is getting better, jobs and getting paid comes in cycles. I think a little bit of how I am feeling today is burnout. Saying that if I can get better organized, and still take care of my mental/emotional stuff then I should be good to go.

I wrote my first novel, which is scary but also quite the experience. I was hoping to publish it this year but it was not meant to be, so early 2017 it will arrive.

The biggest thing I would like for the new year is to just be more positive. Get rid of the negative stuff or people cluttering up life. Doing the best I can to find a positive to hold on to when the negative rears its ugly head.

How can I ever say “THANKS” to all of you who have read anything I have written, given feed back or shared with me how I have touched your life with what I have written.

Phil and I can’t wait for the new memories to be created