20150830_154056That folks is the biggest question of all – Where do I start?

I know some of the goals for this year is to be more organized, look after myself just a bit better than last year.

I am still trying to find a balance of work and play. The Hub has said on many occasions that I work too hard but n waves it is starting to pay off.

I have the basic goals of losing more weight, walking even more, drinking water and all of that but it’s the work I think that needs the most help. I have given myself a day off each week and I stick to it. That is me time, I work on what projects I want to, play catch up on whats sitting on the DVR, stuff like that. The question is can my day off survive or will I become a workaholic again?

The hub and I have date night on the calendar and we are doing pretty well sticking to it. Sometimes date night is just at home, special meal and something we have taped.

The yarn projects need a big overhaul. Still have way too much stuff going on. Fingers crossed I can knock off some of what is sitting around before new stuff gets started.

Some things have become routine already, can I add a few more things to the daily run of life.

Only time will tell.