Where has the year gone!

I am doing all I can to create the positives especially this week. I love learning and researching new patterns. How can you grow if you don’t learn?

I think we all get to safe and happy inside our comfort zones and when we try to take that step outside, we are scared of the changes?

We get in our lives and daily routines, at times getting to the point of feeling stuck, and then what? Well, it’s time for a change. Sure, it is a scary thought to take that first step outside the box, but it is actually OK. Life can get stale at times and we have to be brave enough to shake things up.

I am shaking things up again.

I ran screaming outside the zone and have written my first novel which will be about soon. Talk about a scary process. Being totally responsible for the characters, story line. The big thing about all of it was I had no word constraint and could be as descriptive as I wanted to hopefully create a picture for me reader.

The big thing this year is trying to not start new projects and finish what I have going. It is going to be a great year, lets hope I can actually finish some stuff