I can tell you the true story of my death and it bloody hurt!

Kevin made my base out of love and care. He has done so much for the club and he will be missed with his time is over.

I loved the laughter and silliness as You created me, the tape tickled and it did hurt at times with you pulled it up to re tape the letters. Nice job with the backward “N”. I cant believe no one caught it. Who was drinking that night?

To be raised as a part of history, I was so proud but whoever kicked the balls through me for &^%$%&*, it freaking hurt. I saw a couple of the Ninja’s cringing that repairs would need made.

It was amazing to see the shed and hear the tunes. I was dancing like no one was watching. The Lady Crows helped take of the letters from the banner so the Ninja’s could replace them with a new message. The holes from the balls got repaired and a new message attached.  I hear someone yell, “Check the bloody “N” to make sure they are facing the right way.” Who ever had pizza, I wanted a piece, it smelled so good.

The night ended as you folded me up for my first road trip to Melbourne, the least you would’ve done was packed a cut lunch, bottle of water and some glow sticks so I could read The Grapes of Wrath on the flight over.

No clue who picked me up at the airport but I made it to the field. I was unzipped and taken out and I was scared because I didn’t know anyone. they started taking scissors and doing things to me, It was bad enough they put holes in me, they didn’t even take care in doing it, *&*^&%^&* for crying out loud I have feelings here.  They cut 2 more gates in me but the biggest horror was they defaced me by taking the sponsors off me.

I did my best to show the girls the inspiration  you sent me, but the wind was too much.

I was crammed back in the bag with the ropes to be shipped home

I barely remember being loaded on the flight home.

I lit my final glow stick as I drifted off to sleep. All I could think about was the Ninja’s waiting for me home. I know they will be devastated by my passing but I hope they will rest assured that I did one thing to the best of my ability

To stand tall and encourage the girls to bring home the win.