A Lesson in Life

I got taught a really good lesson about life and how to change my thinking about just getting up and starting my day. How something so simple can change your thinking and give you a whole new perspective. What do you do when the only thing you want is to have a REAL chat with this person and they pass away? Here is why I’m asking……

Last Friday Australia time I got word that a person I considered a close mate passed away. We all knew that it would eventually happen but not this fast. We were all stunned that events were taking place. I actually lost track of time. What hurt the most was the loss of being able to have a real conservation, sitting in the same room and just talking about everything and nothing. What do you do when this person taught you something so simple and that it had changed your life and now you can’t even tell them that?
Gary shared with me that he had never really stopped to look at a sunrise. He was so busy with school and the kids and everything he never really had taken the time to look at the wonder of it all. After getting sick he started looking at the wonder and beauty of God’s creation and how he could learn to deal with what the day would bring. He learned that as the sun was coming up if he was still watching it was a reminder of god giving him just one more day to walk the earth BUT he also figured out that he would give you just what you could handle for the day. When the sun went down it was time to just relax and STOP worrying about what needed done? Phil always told me what you didn’t cross of the to-do list today that’s your start for tomorrow. Worry about it all when the sun comes up the next day.
I never really looked at a sunrise like that. Just taking the time to thank god for being on the earth one more day, to just say, “I can handle whatever come in the course of the day.” I had never really taken the time to watch the sun come up, to see it so dark before the sky begins to get light and the darkness go away. For that few minutes everything is really OK. How was everything supposed to really be ok when I know that my friend would eventually become a guardian angel in my life?

As the saying goes “Life goes on” Everyone who knew Gary is trying to get on with things, find that new normal after someone who has left us leaves a hole in our life that is needing closed. With Gary I don’t think that hole will ever fully close up, there will always be a little glimmer of his light shining through all of the lives he touched.

So here’s My Questions……When is the last time you really STOPPED and looked at the sunrise????