I have a bit of fog going on today.

December 29th was my final Chemo treatment. I can finally have a little bit of my life back. This journey has been 9 months of stealing my life. (I have never admitted that until now. ) Even though you know the words that are coming, it’s still hard to actually accept that you heard them.

I had done the no-no having a search on Dr Google but it was always the same answer every time.

It took a bit to finally realize that it was all over. I found myself mourning a little that the process of everything I had been through since May, making decisions, every time turning around and it was time for Chemo or a Doctors appointment.

It finally hit me that it was time to take my life back. what got me through was the positive road that I took, It is time to get healthy, get fit along with returning to work. I have a great support system, they will continue to be there cheering me on.

I have gone back to the basics that I know to work for me. The to-do list, with Self Care at the top of the list. that should be at the top of everyone list, never crossing off. I even wrote down that I needed to get dressed and get my watch on to count my steps for the day. The other big thing I am having to learn is that it is really OK, to be selfish, putting my needs first. It’s giving yourself permission. (I explained it as a “Mom thing” — When we become a Mom we put everything else on hold to raise the family, usually at the end of the day we don’t have anything left over for us.)

Next, I list any meds I need to take, then anything I want to accomplish for the day. I also check my blood pressure, making a note of it, in case the doctor might ask.

This is what works for me, Already have goals set that I want to achieve before the end of the year.

l be back over the course of 2022 with more updates and some special news