In 2016 an unknown show appeared on our telly screens called, “Master Chef”

It was a cooking show in search of the best home cook in the country/ (OK, for starters, I am don’t a great cook but I can hold my own. I have no knife skills, like what Phil and all good chefs should have. I also can’t go to the kitchen and whip up a sponge cake off the top of my head. If you have a passion for food you need to have a mind like a recipe book.)

I would call her the team captain for the All-Stars Julie Goodwin, who is the first winner of Master Chef back in. Each week was an adventure, not sure of what was going to be asked of them in that first season. Basic recipes they can call on, in seconds, being able to chop onions, Julian carrots. Being able to create restaurant-quality food, with just a few items from the Mystery Box that no one would expect.

The All-stars — Season 6 and Season 2 Sarah and Albert, 2021 season — Tommy and Manoli, Season 10 and Season 7 – Albo and Season 5 — Michael and Christina, Winners of 1, 7 and 10 — Billie, Sashie and Julie. I am a favourite girl this season.

The first challenge on Sunday night was to cook a dish to your strength. What makes you an asset to your team. 3 immunity pins are up for grabs.

The pantry was open if you needed anything along with the garden, fresh herbs, and spices. Plants that are native to Australia can be cooked.

There were 3 badges to win. 1 from the favourites, 1 from the fans and 1favorites.

  1. Favourites Pin — Tommy
  2. Fan’s Pin — Happy
  3. Overall — Christina

The quality of food produced in the kitchen can only get better.

More of week one coming.