**Monday — Service Challenge — there is usually an item that needs to feature in one of the 3 dishes. The Fans are in shock in a way. Next to none of them would ever have even been in a position like this. They will need to serve 80 customers a 3-course meal. (little trash talk going on). 3 teams of 4, with 1 taking entree, 1 taking the main and 1 taking desert. The fan picked Entree with the feature Jerusalem Artichoke. The Favorites chose raspberries for the desert and the Fans picked eggplant for the main.

40 plates, 2 and a half hours until the first dishes leave the pass. The pantry/Garden are both open.

I use to work in restaurants and love it. Besides waitressing, I also welcomed, learned how to run the pass, also did dishes one night. (the one night I did the dishes I met our new district manager, I was covered in water) Friday and Saturday nights were always the most hectic, the managers liked me running the pass because I could keep it clear. Running the pass involved, checking the orders, adding lemon wedges, butter, and whatever else needed to be added before the plates when out. I was also able to help with plating up salads, and soups. It was a really busy time but I loved it. I ran the pass one night in my softball clothes as I got the call on the way home. The managers were usually pretty good about signing off on you getting a meal as thanks for coming in.

**Entree from the fans is Jerusalem Artichoke Puree, with Globe Artichoke and Jerusalem Artichoke Chips — served with 2 different oils (Fans win)

**Entree from the Favorites is Tuna Tar Tar with Jerusalem fried chips

**Main from the Favorites is Kathirikai with Cumin Rice (Favorites win)

**Main from the Fans is Pistachio Crusted Lamb with Eggplant Puree Chermoula

**Dessert from the Fans is Rasberry Friand with Mascarpone and Thyme Ice Cream and Rasberry Gel (Fans win)

**Dessert from the Favorites is Dusty Pink Domes with White Chocolate and Rasberries

It was an interesing menu to say the least. I am not big on Eggplant. I would of chosen the Favorites Entree and Main, but would of gone with the Fans dessert. Whats your choice?

**Next Episode — cooking for immunity