The day after a challenge is always interesting. How does the winning team get rewarded compared to the pressure that the losers will be put through?

8 Fans and 4 favourites will be put through their paces when Only 4 will move on from here to the immunity cook later in the week.

The Masterchef Food Pyramid. — This is not a typical food pyramid Level 1 is Fruits Veggie. Level 2 grains, nuts and seeds, Level 3 is proteins and the top layer is sweets and sugars. Constants chose which layer or layers they want to cook with. You really have to think outside the box, from the other groups is your competition tonight. All layers 1, all layers 2 together and so on, the winner of the level goes on to Immunity. (no regular pantry or outside garden is in play. You have 75 minutes of cooking time. It is more important now to taste as you ok, making sure your flavours are good enough. Too sweet or salty if caught too lat could see you going to elimination. Phil shared with me that if it tasted good to the cook, it would take well to the diner. My Mom didn’t push that issue as much as I wish. (I also wish I had gotten in the kitchen more than I did, what great memories I have lost out on. It wasn’t until I got here that taste and flavour is the most important.

*All 4 Levels to Choose from — Chris (who knew white soy sauce existed)

*3 Levels to Choose from — Julie

**2 Levels to Choose from — Harry

**1 Level to Choose from — Montana

One of the four will be safe from Elimination by winning Immunity on Wednesday night.

It’s 3 versus one, as they play “What’s under that Kolish?”

**Bear with me as I play catch on this journey