Episode 5

Tonight’s session was the first Immunity cook to be safe from Sunday. 3 fans (Harry, Montana and Chris) facing Julie from the Favorites.

Tonight they walk into the unknown as it’s a sea of Kolishe’s to choose from. 3 rows of solid black and 1 row of silver. “Lucky Dip Masterchef Style”

Harry has the Fruit and Veg Kolish row — Leaks (everyone cooks with leaks)

Julie has the spices Kolish row — Coriander, Julie traded in the Coriander for Safron

Chris has the Pantry Kolish row — Dates, 1st choice, Chris traded for Anchovies.

Montana has the Curve Kolish row — Poached 1st choice, traded in for Deep Fryer

75 minutes to cook, the race is off to the pantry. (One element must be deep-fried, You must also use Leaks and Safron in your dish.)

(Knowing flavours and what fits together is a key in Master Chef. I have used leaks in the past, never Saffron or anchovies. My Mom never cooked with either of those. This is another cook that tasting as you go is so important to manage your flavours. If the taste good to you, it should be great for your customer. Montana said she was making a gremolata, I have no clue what that is?

Just a 3 ingredient dish. Lemons, Flat Leave Parsley and Garlic.

Julie finally knows what it’s like to win Immunity. It didn’t exist during the first year of Master Chef. Julie talking about what happened post, her first visit will help those from the past, maybe even those considering taking part in the journey.

Join me soon for the first Elimination for the season.

What is in your Jeffle?