By winning Immunity Julie is safe and up in the gantry.

What’s under the kolish is what you need to cook with. It’s a jaffle maker. (for my American mates, it’s a sandwich maker) You can put anything between 2 pieces of bread and seal it shut. A few cooks are making a dipping sauce to serve on the side. this is another challenge that you need the flavour to be at the forefront, of the dish.

It is time to taste. They taste good, I hope you checked your flavour along the way? Flavour usually wins out when coming down to a tie. Especially in a simple dish, it will be more critical. If you have the best dish on your team, you have saved the whole team.

Jaffle of the day goes to — Manoli is the winner of the Favorites. She has saved the whole team.

The fans will be heading to elimination. — Bring the dish that changed your life. 75 minutes to cook with the pantry and garden in play. The judges were chatting that 2 things that may begin to show, the emotions of the dish and how personal it is and the pressures of Master Chef in general. (Being asked to cook a dish that has changed your life is heavy-duty enough. Thinking about food has me a little teary, thinking about Mom. She was a great cook. At Thanksgiving, she made a Sweet Potato souffle, it was so creamy and rich. The topping was Corn Flakes, butter, and brown sugar. It was crunchy, just sweet enough. It was simple cooking but made with love.

Tasting is over with the news about to be delivered.

Chris, Max, Harry — Chris is going home due to burnt noodles along with his sauce not being able to save him.

The first Mystery Box of the season is coming.