It’s a pressure test night. the four walking in have no clue what is heading their way. Pressure tests in the past have been difficult today the least. There are a few that I would never have been able to get through. Julie jokingly said she would flip a table and walk it Zumba walked it.

Here comes the sweet assassin — Andriano Zumba

They had to recreate Andriano’s Polly want a waffle. Here is the link to the recipe on the Master Chef website:

I have never tempered chocolate, have you? The time limit was 4 and 1/2 hours.

Max, Julie and Alvin, Dulan have all had doubts along the way. Alvin almost let it beat him but he pulled it together. Julie forgot the pectin in the jelly to help it set.

It was time to take the waffles out of their shells, everyone held their breather as this was the telltale sign if the waffles were tempered or not. I never knew you could freeze chocolate together to build something like a parrot.

It was nerve-wracking watching the final tasting.

It all comes down to taste — Julie was safe, and Alvin was safe also (dish of the day) It came down to Max and Dulan (it was the mistakes that Dulan made to catch up that sent him home.