Mystery Box time — I am a fan of this, it really gets you to think about what can I make, This is where having the knowledge of a quick cake recipe or a simple dish that you can exchange ingredients in and out of with no issues. Have you got that basic ice cream base recipe to which you can add any flavour, accepting that mini cake dessert? You are usually required to use just one ingredient, the pantry and garden are out but you do have a tray of staples under your bench.

Tonight Mystery Box as meaning, especially for Julie, Why you ask? It was the very first Mystery Box from season 1 that was ever used. (Pork Chop, Tomatoes, 2 Granny Smith Apples, Lemons, Cabbage, Dark Chocolate, Parsley.) (flavour is so important in this challenge)

75 minutes on the clock to cook.

An exciting variety of dishes made, sweet and savoury were on offer. Billie made Ice cream sandwiches, Manoli made spag bowl, (spaghetti with meat sauce) Julie getting tasted, pasta rolled out too thin. Could be in the bottom 2.

Favorite Dishes belong to — Aldo from the Favorites, Mel from the Fans

Bottom Dishes belong to — Fans send Dulan, Max from the Favorites sending Alvin, Julie. Heading to the pressure test.

The nightmare is coming