Well, it’s time for another cancer fight!

I start chemo in early August, 4 rounds for sure with a possible 6 total.

I need a scan of my heart before I start this round as one drug being used as a side effect is weakening my heart muscle. I also have a cell on my left hip. I run the risk of a possible hip break because of a weakened hip bone but I am taking extra calcium.

Someone suggested I boost my immune system during this time, I will look into that.

The Orthopedist wanted me to have an operation to re-inforce my hip bone (Incase it MIGHT break. That means more recovery time with a delay in Chemo which I said NO to. Yes, I am taking a chance but I feel the best I have in over a year. If anything happens, when we will deal with it. )

Getting my diet reworked with more things called Flavonoids, even Chocolate and Red Wine are good for me. Also adding more Veggies and Protein to help the body recover.

The time schedule is treatment every 21 days.

People ask what they can do, Pray if you do, for a smooth treatment, no side effects, (which I don’t do anyway, (hehe) along with just being positive for me. I feel the love and good vibes, that will be my biggest weapon in winning this fight, which I will.

The Cancer whispered in my ear “Your not strong enough to withstand the storm.”

Today, I whispered back,

“I AM the Storm”