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being more consistant

Being an independent author/publisher has its good and bad points.

I kind of lost my way a while back. I forgot why I love writing.

Being an independent blogger, you don’t get alot of feedback. Even when my books I have not gotten alot of feedback. That is hard at time because its a lonely job a good part of the time. They say to write what you know and that is what I do. It take a while to find an audience for those things but by being consistent you will find them.

I stopped using my voice because I thought I was not being heard but I am, I have my readers for my various blogs but also when I tweet my pieces out I have no idea who is reading them.

This may not make a lot of sense but it reminds me not to give up. At some point my work is going to pay off, I just need to keep it going. Being consistent and even resilient will pay off.

Don’t give up


Self Pity Party

Besides brain freeze, meaning writers block, yesterday was a day of self-pity. I am my own worse enemy.

I knew becoming a writer was a lonely job but at times is it wrong to wish for some feed back?

to really be successful at this I need to really work at it. Get my name out there. So, why am I holding myself back from it. I keep setting myself up with plans but I can never seem to get things going in the right direction. It can work, I can make this work but what am I so scared of?

I just looked at my web site, which I need to work on and update. I published a book last year under my pen name and that is not even there.

There are times where I just feel so lonely and have no clue how to fix things. Just wishing that I felt like i Had some support would be better than nothing. I hate this feeling and at times I let it get the better of me.

I have all the control to make this happen, I just have to do it.

So, what is holding me back?

Just Stuff

Writing this with the “Dear Evan Hansen” sound track playing.

Thursday here and emotions have been hard.

Reminders that life is fragile, life can change in the blink of an eye.

I got to talk to a mate of ours who doesn’t have much time left. The damn cancer is winning.  I found a dragonfly pattern in crochet and I finally got a baby blanket started. I’m making it in her honour. Hoping to remind people to make sure to take the time and enjoy life.

the lady I did knitting for , her health has declined. She made a comment that really caught me off guard. “I’m no good to anyone.” I tried to reassure her that she was.

I must admit, I have felt that way myself. I think that was a lot of self-doubt letting get the better of me. I am my own worse enemy, not giving myself the credit I deserve.

Its been the last couple of years that finding those things helped me to see that I really am pretty cool. I have done things in my life I never thought I would get to do, had dreams come true. Have gotten to meet people, publish books, go places that I never dreamed of.

Sure life has thrown me my share of curves, some big and at times I never thought I would find my way though. Other times, I managed, no clue how but I made it. Just doing what needed done. Not stopping to think. I call that survival mode.

To quote Even Hansen:

“Dear Evan Hansen, today is gong to be a good day and here’s why, today your you and that’s enough.

When you get out of bed tomorrow jsut remember, Today is going to be a good day, because your you and that’s enough

This is Me

It has taken a life time to feel comfortable in my skin and I have been working on being accepting of this im part to help from a song from Greatest Showman called “This is me.”

The movie tells the story of P.T Barnum with Hugh Jackman in the lead role,  how the start of the Barnum and Bailey circus came to be. P.T had a unique view on the world and everyone no matter what you looked like have a place in the world.

By the reviews I knew it would be good, well, anything with Hugh usually is. I love musicals and this was an original score, taking 7 years to get it made.

“This is me” was one of the final songs written a week before the final workshop.

By the end of the scene in the movie I was in tears, every word Keala Settle (bearded women) sang,  I could relate to. If you don’t have a voice yet, let this song be your voice.

I don’t have doubts about who I am. Its taken a life time to finally be OK with who I am. I am bruised and battered but here I am.

Now it’s your turn, You are here for a reason, be proud of who you are. Don’t let them bring you down. Break the barricades down. Beat your own drum. (dance like no one is looking)

Good see the movie, there are special “Sing a long” shows this coming weekend here in Australia. I have my ticket and I cant wait to go. Phil downloaded the sound track, and It gets played quiet a bit.

Here is the scene from the movie:

Welcome to 2018

I don’t know about you but the new year slapped me on the back as it ran past me.

Time to get my butt in gear and make those new years plans. Good and bad.

A bout of depression slowed me up for the last of the year. I didn’t get nearly the amount of work done that I was planning on. The new year and getting rid of some baggage is helping to lighten the load.

Being organised is my goal at this point. Taking it a day at a time and just feeling productive is my daily goal.

The 2 big projects in my life, writing and my knit/crochet life.

My blogs have gone quiet for a bit but I am trying to get the consistency back on track. That is the key to getting my career back on track. Also writing the squeal to my first novel.

The other consistency I need to get better at taking care of myself. Drinking more water, taking care of my face, watching what I eat. Just over all, feeling better. Trying to get rid of that 10 kilos of cruise weight still hanging around. Back to running might be a good idea.

I had some time with a life coach, one of the things she suggested was to take a block of time for me. That was over a year ago and today it still going strong today. We even have date-night (even during football season we still date once a week) and Phil has his own blocked out time.

The biggest job is sorting out the positive and ignoring the negative.

More Than 800 Words

Ok, I know your looking at the title and going what?

Bear with me as I try and explain.

In 800 words you have to open your blog, tell your readers what you want them to know in the shortest way and close it out. It’s like Twitter for bloggers.

Starting out with my writing I first had to figure out what kind of writer I wanted to be. Well, they say write what you know so, I became a sports blogger. Someone the other day called me a Sports Analyst. The challenge is writing a sports blog in less than 800 words. You learn to pick and chose what is the most important to tell your readers. You do your best to give highlights

Writing a book is another story. My first 2 published book were taken from Cricket’s Corner of Australia and The 19th Floor. Both books were a collection of things I had written over the time span of a year. Here, 800 words didn’t apply.

Well, I took a major step outside the comfort of 800 words and wrote my first novel. There I said it. The one thing every writer wants to do in their career is to write a novel. Question is how many of us really finish it, let alone publish it.

It is a little daunting that knowing you have an unlimited about of words to use to talk about what you want to create for  your readers. Have You ever tried to figure how many new ways to say the same sentence or to stop using “and all”. (that drove my editors nuts).

You have open doors that you never dreamed of in writing a novel. It is in your hands what happens to your characters, how they deal with things. You get to create how they look, that moment that your hero and heroine fall in love or the moment one of the dies. I can be as descriptive as I want to hopefully paint a great picture as you read.

It is up to you create a journey for your readers and by the end of the book hoping that you leave them wanting more.

That is everything I am hoping for. Leaving you my readers wanting more. It has taken roughly 2 years of my writing life to do this. I am just steps away from a dream becoming reality.

Am I scared, sure. If you’re not them you didn’t do your job well enough. I am an independent author/publisher. Which is something I really like. I have friends who read and edit for me. I don’t share anything with them until time.  It gives them a new perspective and I hope they take that journey as they are reading it.

This book will be under my pen name. I did that under advice from another write. It’s a new genre and I want this to stand on its own. Yes, I would love for you to read it but I want you to read it for what is, a new book, not “Oh, Cricket wrote it so we know it will be good” Make any sense?

There you have it, in less than 800 words I have told you about my new book coming out soon.

So, Have I peaked your interest?




Birthday Week Once Again

Where has the year gone!

I am doing all I can to create the positives especially this week. I love learning and researching new patterns. How can you grow if you don’t learn?

I think we all get to safe and happy inside our comfort zones and when we try to take that step outside, we are scared of the changes?

We get in our lives and daily routines, at times getting to the point of feeling stuck, and then what? Well, it’s time for a change. Sure, it is a scary thought to take that first step outside the box, but it is actually OK. Life can get stale at times and we have to be brave enough to shake things up.

I am shaking things up again.

I ran screaming outside the zone and have written my first novel which will be about soon. Talk about a scary process. Being totally responsible for the characters, story line. The big thing about all of it was I had no word constraint and could be as descriptive as I wanted to hopefully create a picture for me reader.

The big thing this year is trying to not start new projects and finish what I have going. It is going to be a great year, lets hope I can actually finish some stuff

Finding My MOJO again

What do you do when you feel like you’re in a rut, that  you have lost your mojo to do anything really?

Well, that is me now.

I was doing great, felt really productive every day but for some reason after the Sox and Giants closed for the season and the Crows finished. It wa like what now?  I have not been getting many of the Ohio State games so work with football games has been reduced this year.

I have a new book coming out in a few weeks and it is a real step outside of my comfort zone. In some ways it is scary, it is a total departure from what I am use to doing.

I use to get up early and get stuck into stuff. I made my to do list and get stuck into things. I have no clue why I stopped. Everything that worked I stopped doing and to be honest I have no clue why.

OK, now I am trying to get it going again but the question is where to start?

I see people who I admire and they inspire me so much but how do you ask for advice?

Being a writer and working for myself is hard at times, there is no instant feedback. Struggling writers get paid in all sorts of ways. I know that might seem weird but I have kept an open mind in all of this, getting a retweet is payment to me, or seeing that someone favorites one of my tweets or Instagram.

I know this might not make a lot of sense but I can see it’s time to start climbing out of the hole I have dug myself and get back to enjoying life. I have great friends, a career that I love.

I am holding myself back and it is time I strapped on the nikes and took off.

Don’t Assume that I am that Person when I am not.

20140822_214419Whatever you do don’t assume that you know a person and who they are mad passionate supporters of and just because they follow one team that they follow the same teams as everyone else?

Ok, I can see you’re scratching your heads on this but let me have a go at explaining.

As many of you know I am a mad passion White Sox fan. I started “A Year with the Chicago White Sox” as a challenge to myself. I love sports especially baseball and football (gridiron as it’s called here in Australia). I was born in Ohio but always followed the Dallas Cowboys.

It was taken that with me following the Sox that I also followed the Chicago Bears. I am a female and I don’t know anything. Basically females don’t know anything about sports. Well, I am sorry to inform all of you, so-called know it all smartass boys that we ladies know our stuff!

Yes, Boys we Ladies know our stuff and probably are smarter than you most of the times. I know a lot of great sassy, extremely smart ladies who are just as knowledgeable about the sports they follow. I have a saying that “if you’re going to bitch, back it up”. You have your opinion and that is fine but give me a good reason you have that opinion.

Writing sports in a career dominated by men, I have to work twice as hard to get noticed. I spend hours researching, digging and reading to be able to know how players are doing, what is going on behind the scenes, reading injury reports and all. I do that because I have to be informed, to share with my readers.

I have set myself standards and I keep to them, I check my sources and make sure my facts are straight. I have a different view of things and yea, maybe it’s because I am a female but it’s also how I choose to look at it.

I think that is the key to all of this, it is how the person looks at the situation. I have been talking with some of the guys from one of the Sox Facebook groups and they have been great. They have backed up their opinions and I have made sure to thank them for sharing with me.

I know this might have been a little all over the place but just remember the next time you think the girls are not as sports smart as you give them credit for, give them a chance they might just teach you a thing or two.



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