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Time to Run Again

It’s that time of year. . City to Bay

Yes kids, that’s right I entered the 6 kilometers of torture as I call it. Not as prepared for this but that is my own fault in a lot of ways.  Weather didn’t help much but also my lack of focus is to blame. 

I got it into my head that I needed my running coach in my ear, calling my stats and all but I had forgotten that I was doing this for the most important person . . ME

I didn’t enter the run as year, as we were leaving on Friday for our weekend trip in Sydney. Knowing full well that when it rolled around this year, ready or not I was going for it. 

Going again as a runner, which is OK, its not pretty but it gets the job done. 

I set my music list last night, I had to redo it thanks to a Samsung hiccup, but I needed to refresh it. I know at some point I am going to need a song or two, my encouragement to keep going. 

Phil will be at his usual spot waiting for me to arrive. Phil is a big help, he cooks me a high protein dinner the night before.  The left over I have for breakfast. 

I get up extra early on Sunday morning, just to have some me time, to get focused, taking time to eat and mentally get ready. I always lay out what I am wearing the night before, even my baseball cap. 

Phil and I don’t normally chat alot in the car on the way, once he is close as he can get to the shopping center where I start, the knots in the my tummy usually start, no turning back. 

After a nerves bathroom stop, its on to sunscreen, always use it no matter how the sky is looking. I usually don’t stretch alot but I do just enough for me to warm the body up. 

My best time is 1 hour 7 minutes. Who knows what Sunday will bring. 

Will let you know next week


Finally got my Fit Bit

Got my fitbit up and going.

Boy have I missed it. I know they say that the info is not reliable and all but I think of it in a different way. I try to use it to inspire me, to get moving. Drink more water. Work on my sleep.

I chose the fitbit Alta with out the heart rate feature. The Alta is more compact. Its like wearing a bracelet. The main reason I chose the Alta was for the feature if you sit for too long it gives you a nudge to get up and move. 250 steps in 1 hour is what they say is average. You can set it for however many hours you want to have the nudge during your day. I have 13 hours, from 8 am to 9 pm.

I kept the water widget also to try and get me back to drinking more water.

I got it in black but I can buy other bands as I feel a need for a change.

Doing the Adelaide City to Bay in a few weeks. My personal best is one hour 7 minutes.

Time to get healthy again and get moving


#powerwalking Its Check up Day

8 weeks ago I did an overhaul of my exercise routine and all. It was a big change but I jumped in with both feet and decided that enough is enough.

Today is check up day. Here in Australia, hubby and I do what we call a wellness check up. We see the Doctor every couple of months, I always get a check up before training for a race. With menopause throwing me a curve it was time for the guidance of how to handle all the changes the body is going through.

I know the sleep has been crap of late and the heat wave we have now in Adelaide is not helping. Mood swings was another issue that I needed to address. If I have been snarly with any of you, please forgive me during this time. I figure I have been pretty lucky if I make it through this time and not kill anyone. . . . HA

It is back on schedule today, watching the water and food, trying to be as active as I can with this heat. Sunday is my day I do not worry too much but I managed to eek out 2 kilometers walking around the house yesterday.

The clothes are a little looser and hubby says you can really see the difference, even  a couple of my girlfriends are said that I am looking good, lets hope that the Doctor has the good news to go along with all the work I have put in so far.


Life Style Change is Paying Off

Bay to City 2014After breaking my toe in June and not being able to do the Adelaide City to Bay, I felt like I had really slid and I needed to do something. I spent almost a month with my feet up not being able to wear a shoe let alone go out and walk.

I bought myself a fitbit, hoping that the motivation of wearing it would get my back side up and moving again. I started really looking at how much I was moving and even how well I was sleeping and could see that things needed to change and it was up to me to make sure they change. I started looking around fit bit on the web site and all the things that I could follow to help me get better. I now long my water intake and what I eat. Just keeping track of my calories intake has been a real eye opener of my diet. I now pay better attention to size portions and getting better at trying to not over eat. I am a comfort food eater, when I get stressed and all, I eat. My comfort meal is 600 mil of Coke, a bag of Chicken flavored potato chips and a block of Cadbury’s chocolate.

Teamed up with my Fit-bit is my walk program, Endomondo which I so totally could not do with out. I get the premium service so I can set the voice coaching. I have set up this time a training plan to help me get ready for the first race in March of 2016. It has been a real experience to throw myself into training of this type. I train 4 days a week, (Tuesday to Friday). I actually look forward to getting out there and getting a good session in but also clearing the head out. At first is was hard to just let the body do its thing but I am training it and I really get surprised how I am going. There are times that I do have to think and hold myself back.

Even Phil is noticing more and more that, he can see the changes. Which really makes me smile, and know that the work is paying off. The shorts are loser and before long I have a feeling I will need a new pair.The new walking shoes are in lay by and I should have those by the end of January so they are broken in well before race day.

I see the doctor on Monday so it is the first check in to see how well my work is finally paying off.

I have to admit I am in LOVE . . . . with my FitBit

OK, I hear you laughing but let me explain some stuff that should help.

I got my Fit bit back in July and it took me a bit to really get use to it and all it can do. I had heard a lot of good stuff about it and I knew I needed help.  I had broken my toe and was not able to do the Adelaide City to Bay this year. Once healed and able to start walking again I needed something help.

I am 52 and have hit the dreaded “M” word . . . . Menopause. After a visit with the Doctor and a long talk about how to manage things. It was time to really explore what my band could help me do. I could see my steps for each day but I knew I needed to up my activity, being a writer , I sit way too much. Being able to go to the phone app and see how active I have been has encouraged me to step up and get moving. One of things that the Doctor and I talked about was my diet and how to try and eat cleaner, watching what I eat.

I started using the Diet part of fitbit. It has made me aware of how much I do eat and that by watching what I do have can have a big effect on getting this weight off. I have a goal but I am not willing to share it just yet. I know that for my health but also self-confidence I need to get this weight off. Doing it slowly I know that I can keep it off. It is a way of life, and tracking my food has shown me that I can make better choices.

I have not been a big water drinker but seeing that feature is a help. Yesterday I got the green tick of making my goal for the day. Have never been a real water drinker but I am doing all I can to give it a go. I know that it is good for me and I can see some changes already with the increased intake.

Let’s talk about sleep. It was a real eye opener to set the sleep part, and to look the next morning. looking at how much I am restless compared to really sleep. What gets me is the restless measurement/ minutes awake. I now kind of understand why I wake up tired at times.

I have a fit bit flex but will be doing an upgrade when I can afford to.

Thanks Fit Bit for getting me on the road to becoming healthier and around longer.

Happy 2015 from Australia

c2d6884f65d029472122ffeef79d28f5Morning crew from Australia

2015 is looking OK but its a few hours old so, we are just getting started here in Oz.

On the telly is the first of the Pick Six games in college football, we are in Arizona at the Fiesta Bowl, Watching Boise State against Arizona. The start of the 4th quarter it is 38 to 27 in Boise State favor.  A huge mistake of offensive pass interference cost a touchdown for BSU. (BSU wound up winning 38 to 30)

Will start the process of looking at my wool(yard) stash and see how I need to organize for the new year. I still have too many projects that need finished and I really want to make that a priority this year. I have a goal to get a little on-line shop going and maybe sell a few things. It is an idea I need to look into more but I am interesting to see what road that this idea takes.

I am self publishing my first book in February. I am really excited and scared at the same time. I have great support and what ever happens I make that tick off my bucket list.

I have a you tube channel I will be adding to more this year. Hoping to try some new things and show a bit of life here in Australia.

All the regular blogs will return this year. “Yards of Dreams” is making it return starting at the playoffs. It suffered this year because of some other issues and I was not able to keep it going as I would have like. The Ohio State blog will have its final game for the season, at this point when they go against Alabama for the right to play for a National Championship Title. “A Year with the Chicago White Sox” will return when spring training starts.

As a lot of you know I do the Adelaide City to Bay each September, this year they have added a Bay to City in April and I will be doing that. It is only a 5 kilometer for me but that should be easy, I can get it done and still go to Mass at St.Peters Cathedral

Stay safe out there and will catch up soon



Yes, I’m Still Here

10590408_901825103184025_7599927482274232091_nAfternoon Kids

Sorry its been ages since I have been with you. Lots of stuff going on. So, Will try for an overview here to get you caught up.

*Menopause has reared it ugly bloody head. There are days I get up that are great and then other days I am the bitch from hell.  I got up one morning so stiff and actually thought at first it was the flu, but once I did some reading and discovered in a chat with a sorority sister she was having the same issues. since I am adopted I don’t have a reference point on any of this. I can see what a long and lonely road this journey will be.

*Race Walking – its time for the yearly City to Bay and I am going again as usual. Just the 6 kilometers. Walking with a good mate this year. Time will still be on the fore front but finishing will be the big issue.

*College and NFL – starting soon and I cant wait. It’s the time of year I live for . Waiting to see my Buckeyes and, catch up with my Twitter Buckeye family.

*The Book –  is coming along well. Looking like I will get to publish after the NFL season next year. I have about an 8 week break before baseball season starts and I am still on track for that goal to be a reality. I am about half way through the first write and edit. Looking through all the photos is the difficult part.

I am still attending St.Peters Cathedral in Adelaide and busy as a Welcomer. It’s really cold during the Winter but meeting the people is great. Something I look forward to each shift

Hang in  kids,

the warm weather is coming soon



Post Election Hang Over

20140315_073045_6-1Morning Kids

Now that events are finally over I can share with you what has been going on. Its been a flat-out 6 weeks since I closed the gridiron season and decided to take a writing break. We had a state election called here in South Australia, it was time to get to work and get our local member Lee Oldenwalder re-elected.

With funds limited it was time to put the walking shoes on and letter box for Lee. For those who are not quiet sure letter boxing is hand delivering letters letting people know of street corner meeting in their area. Street corners are just short meeting in the area to catch up with folks and see if they have any complaints that Lee needs to be aware of.

A week didn’t go by that Pj and I had no less than four bags of letter on the back seat of the car to get delivered. For the last blast of letters it was in 10 bags and we took all 10 bags, the catch was they needed done in five days, which I am proud to say that we did get done. We figure between us we walked 150 kilometers, in roughly 6 weeks. I don’t walk that much when I train for the Adelaide City to Bay.

Election day was on the 15th and it was a busy day. Pj was booth captain and we were basically flat-out as soon as the polls opened at 8 am. We did have some slow periods but it was consistent. Roughly around 4:30 it finally slowed to a snail’s pace, until the polls closed at 6 pm. We were already to go party with the rest of the staff, when I realized that we have no Scrutineer. Well, after a few choice words  and a phone call to other staff to let them know of the change, Pj and I headed inside to a huge learning curve and new terrority.

It was a real eye-opening experience, we learned so much about the process when the polls close. The lady who was running the booth was really good, she explained each step as we went along in the night. It took a bit to get the result but it was well worth missing out having time with Lee and the rest of the staff. We gathered with other workers and local members to watch the results come in.

I am proud to announce that all three of the returning members were re-elected Zoe Bettison, Leesa Vlahos and Lee Oldenwaler and the new kid  on the block, Jon Gee who lives in the area and is Pj’s best mate was elected. It was an amazing evening to be with everyone catching up.

Well, as of yesterday Pj and I got the last of the corflutes down and we are finally taking some time for us. There is still some packing up of posters and repairs on a few to make but we have time to worry about those.

Well, now its on to getting Pj elected to the city council……..

Finally A Break

Morning Kids

I finally got a break in blogging and I am trying to enjoy as much as possible. I have roughly over a month til Baseball season starts. It is looking like its going to be a super year. Lots of new blood in the team and the word is that there is a new excitement, new chemistry. Nothing like they have seen before.

Been knitting some, what I call summer projects, Light weight and easy to take with me. Just started the front of a sleeveless vest for the grandkids to try.

A friend of mine in America has published his first book. It is going well but slow, and I was able to follow his self publishing and make some notes of my own. I decided to go ahead and start my book which will go on hold during Baseball and Gridiron season. Just trying now to get as much of it laid out as possible. I have it in my head but need to get it on paper, well, the computer screen that is. I know how it should look but I want to get the basic sorted out so I can go back later on and really take it apart. I am taking some of my blogs and weaving it in with life experience. It will be confronting and difficult at times but I do not want to have any regrets in doing this.

Been trying to get sorted to take a course in web design, so I can work on promoting myself out there more and all but I have a feeling its gong to fall through. I have tried twice but I think I will have to go back to what I know how to do and work from there.  I really wanted to learn this but I have a feeling Jordan Danksit’s just not meant to be.

The weather here has finally cooled off. We had some time over the summer that the heat really kicked my backside. Finally the cooler sleeping weather. Just a good nights solid sleep would do wonders.

OK, off for a little work on the book and then for an outing. Stay safe out there and will check in again soon



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