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Saying Goodbye – at Least for Now

Cathedral 150 - a 5 year journey

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Victorsen

As Phil and I wandered into St.Peters on Sunday night our hearts leapt with joy as she had returned even just for one night. Listening to Josh play her was like old times. For just a few hours all was right in the life of S.Peters. 

Her family had gathered one last time as she would soon be turned off for good, so she could be taken apart and packed for her trip to England.

Having the chance to say goodbye but safe journey till you return home. She will be gone for over a year. Tonight its hard to imagine that but the work needed on her will take time.

We are also saying Thank You to Josh as he departs for a new job with Co-Opera. I know he will be amazing. Josh has give me a new outlook at music, the value…

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TGIF – Let’s Party Phil

I didn’t get a lot done on the list but that’s ok

Phil turns 65 today and I have been trying each day this week to make it a little special. Tonight is the Crows match at Adelaide Oval against St.Kilda. After last weeks loss we need a good solid win tonight.

Tomorrow is an event at St. Peters, and birthday party. Sunday is a birthday lunch at The Alma Tavern.

Hoping to sneak a little knitting on National Knit in Public day on Saturday.

Get your dancing shoes on and help us celebrate.


Busy Week Ahead

Lots of things in store for this week.

Hoping to get at least 1 Periscope this week.

Lots of writing to get done, blogs and work on the new book

Lots of knitting and crocheting also. Plenty of orders that need worked on.

The main thing is Phil’s  Birthday on Friday.

the to do list is long, lets see what gets done


Time for a Catch Up

It has been awhile and much has been going on since I last checked in.

I finished my first novel and have published it. Hope you will check it out.

It was an experience itself but also a huge challenge. I will be writing the sequel, to be released next year.

I am still working as a sports analyst, covering the White Sox and Giants. Also working hard during College football season and NFL.

Right now most of my time is taken with banner building for the Adelaide Crows and attending games.

Crocheting and Knitting are still my passions and with many projects on the go.

You can always find me on Instagram and I am hoping to make a regular return to Periscope soon.

The Organ will leave us soon

Cathedral 150 - a 5 year journey

It has been a huge project to get to this point but we have a long way to go. We have secured a loan IF NEEDED to help with things. As of the writing of this post, $700,000 has been raised but we still need 1.4million dollars to complete the project.

You can tell there is something missing on Sunday Mornings as the service is taking place.

In a conservation with Shirley who use to play the organ, she shared some interesting facts with me. Did you know that the organ was built for St. Peters?

I ask her what she missed about playing the organ, Shirley shared with me that she misses the essence of the organ. The feelings that each piece had as you played it. The new organ is getting the job done but it is all-electric.

In June the construction of the scaffolding will start. That…

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Indians and Twins for the Weavers Sports Desk

Morning from Weavers sports Desk, Cricket here filling in for Kendria for the final Indians game with the Twinkies.

Tribe wearing their dirty gray away uniforms with the Twins in their all white home uniforms.

Ervin Santana in the office for Minnesota and Trevor Bauer opened the office for the tribe.

It was a pitcher duel until the bottom of the 4th when Minnesota opened the scoring, with the bases loaded Bauer balked. 1 to 0. Polanco with a sac fly to left, Kepler scored for a 2 to 0 Twins lead.

Top of the 5th the Indians finally opened the scoring when Almonte (doubled himself) scored on a Santana double to right to cut the Twinkies lead to 2 to 1.

Everything went quiet again until the top of the 7th when the Indians, with 2 on the pond Santana doubles to get Diaz home for a 2 all game. With The bases still loaded Brantley walked bringing Martinez home to take the lead 3 to 2. Ramirez walked sending Santana home for an Indians 4 to 2 lead.

Cleveland would add 2 more in the top of the 9th when, Ramirez walked and stole second, Chisenhall doubled to deep center getting Ramirez home for a 5 to 2 lead. Gomes double to shallow left would get Chisenhall home with the final run of the game for a 6 to 2 Indians win.

The Indians are 8 and 7 heading to Chicago to face the 7 and 7 White Sox for a weekend series before heading home.

On the Verge of Taking a Step into the Unknown

2 years ago I started a project and it was completely a new phase of my writing.

Those 2 years have come full circle as in a few weeks the project will be released to the world.

Will be sharing some hints before it is released to the world.


Cardinals and Nationals from Weaver’s sports Center

Tonight we have the Cardinals and the Nationals. In the office for the Nationals is Tanner Roark ( starting pitcher ). Cardinals are wearing their gray uniforms. Nationals are wearing their white uniforms. For those who don’t know, during the week the games that I cover will be a recap due to my job. Bottom of […]

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More Than 800 Words

Ok, I know your looking at the title and going what?

Bear with me as I try and explain.

In 800 words you have to open your blog, tell your readers what you want them to know in the shortest way and close it out. It’s like Twitter for bloggers.

Starting out with my writing I first had to figure out what kind of writer I wanted to be. Well, they say write what you know so, I became a sports blogger. Someone the other day called me a Sports Analyst. The challenge is writing a sports blog in less than 800 words. You learn to pick and chose what is the most important to tell your readers. You do your best to give highlights

Writing a book is another story. My first 2 published book were taken from Cricket’s Corner of Australia and The 19th Floor. Both books were a collection of things I had written over the time span of a year. Here, 800 words didn’t apply.

Well, I took a major step outside the comfort of 800 words and wrote my first novel. There I said it. The one thing every writer wants to do in their career is to write a novel. Question is how many of us really finish it, let alone publish it.

It is a little daunting that knowing you have an unlimited about of words to use to talk about what you want to create for  your readers. Have You ever tried to figure how many new ways to say the same sentence or to stop using “and all”. (that drove my editors nuts).

You have open doors that you never dreamed of in writing a novel. It is in your hands what happens to your characters, how they deal with things. You get to create how they look, that moment that your hero and heroine fall in love or the moment one of the dies. I can be as descriptive as I want to hopefully paint a great picture as you read.

It is up to you create a journey for your readers and by the end of the book hoping that you leave them wanting more.

That is everything I am hoping for. Leaving you my readers wanting more. It has taken roughly 2 years of my writing life to do this. I am just steps away from a dream becoming reality.

Am I scared, sure. If you’re not them you didn’t do your job well enough. I am an independent author/publisher. Which is something I really like. I have friends who read and edit for me. I don’t share anything with them until time.  It gives them a new perspective and I hope they take that journey as they are reading it.

This book will be under my pen name. I did that under advice from another write. It’s a new genre and I want this to stand on its own. Yes, I would love for you to read it but I want you to read it for what is, a new book, not “Oh, Cricket wrote it so we know it will be good” Make any sense?

There you have it, in less than 800 words I have told you about my new book coming out soon.

So, Have I peaked your interest?




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